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Soil Fertility, Animal Health - William A. Albrecht Classic

New Release: William A. Albrecht's "Soil Fertility, Animal Health"

New Release: William A. Albrecht's "Soil Fertility, Animal Health"

Nature works and has been working for a billion and a half years—ever since there were living things on earth. This is important. We talk of controlling nature, but any wise farmer or stockman knows that nature makes the rules for us to learn and follow, if we can. In short, the ecologist is in a position to furnish us, in many ways, models which we can follow in our own operations.

Before the prairies were settled, plowed and fenced, wild herds moved back and forth across them, never staying in one place after the grass was cropped too short. These moving herds distributed minerals from their droppings and remains, for it is well-known that wild animals usually maintain a good mineral balance by visiting salt-licks and varying their pasture-grounds.

Here in a nutshell is the model for proper use of grasslands.
  • How well do we follow it in our own operations?
  • Do we plan for groups of dry years, or act as though the moist ones would last forever?
  • Do we plant good mixtures, including legumes, in our pastures?
  • Do we replace minerals removed by crops and live stock?
  • Do we allow live stock to make its own free choice of a variety of forage, feed and minerals placed before it?

These are some of the points Dr. Albrecht is thinking about in the series of papers which follow. It takes a lot of common sense to get across the information we need. He has it and can put it out so we can all understand it.

(From the Introduction)

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eBook now available:

Trade paperback (6"x9", 173 pages) available on Lulu and soon on Amazon and all brick-and-mortar bookstores:
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

About this book:

William A. Albrecht (d. 1974) wrote extensively. "Soil Fertility, Animal Health" was compiled by the editor Charles Walters from his papers and was first published in 1958. As no record of renewal of copyright was found for any of Albrecht's work, they are in the public domain.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's Alive! Successfully Made it Through Re-Design!

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Don't look so surprised - I've been doing this type stuff for years...

Owing to recently being told we needed new web-hosting, I pushed forward on a design and back-end re-build I knew was coming anyway.

Now we have a much more accessible (and better looking) website with all the original data, as well as better links. 

Some of the things we improved:
  • You can access all the pages on the side now - in nice-looking and functional drop-down menu's. 
  • The menu's at the top now go to additional areas of interest which gardening, farming, and homesteading types will find interesting.
  • We've revived the concept of a "Buyer's Club" so you can possibly (in the near future) be able to buy grass-fed hamburger by the pound - for members only - nearly any time you need it. You'll have to come to the farm, though.
  • And the whole thing is much easier on the eyes, since we've gotten away from the limits of the old backend.
Hope you like it.

Another great change was being able to add more labels/categories to each post and also to add in related pages (courtesy of Zemanta.)

Which means you can more readily find related materials, either on this site or others, so you can find all the data you need for anything you want to read about.

That might take you into some rabbit-holes, but on the other hand may give you some exciting new concepts to think about - and improve your life with.

Because that is the sole reason for this site - to help you improve your life and eat better. We aren't here to make a lot of money selling grass-fed Missouri meat. We well our beef direct in order to keep the farm sustainable and help you live a better-quality life. Also, we can only raise so much beef on the acres we have, which means only so much beef is possible every year. Once we get enough regular clients, we'll shut down that list (so contact us today!)

As long as you are on our mailing list (yes, I updated that old form and now it's easier than ever to sign up - see the "Contact Us" page) - then you'll get an email notice every spring about our up-and-coming beef for that year.

What else is new...

Otherwise, since I otherwise make my pin-money writing and publishing books. (That site also had to get an update/upgrade.) I've found a great set of books which have wound up in the public domain, but simply need to be polished up a bit and made re-available for your use. Natural Diet, Preparedness, Sustainable Farming - all of these things. Also some great books on gardening and raising beef, plus others...

I hope to have them up for you within a few months - but there are a few earlier books in the queue. They'll also have ecourses you can take (some free) and probably videos to tell you whats in the book that's useful for you - and why I took the time to republish them for you.

Those are for the other sections across the top of this page (although the books on raising beef will show up in this section somewhere.)

Lots of work still remaining.

But I wanted to update you on how and why this site is now so great-looking and full of content.  Better than ever.

You're welcome!
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Hey, you've been waiting awhile for an update...

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And Thanks for Waiting Patiently...

It really just means that we've been busy with some needed background jobs (having to do with building up the backend to serve you better - servers, products, mailing lists, that sort of thing...)

Especially in these times, it pays to be sustainable and real in your dealings with the world at large. Governments, their taxes, mindless politicians - all these things tend to put a damper on your creative spirit. Living in rural or suburban areas and learning to flourish and being prepared for anything - that's what we're here to help you with.

We've been looking out for you, even though it's not been apparent. Stashed away are links to a lot of relevant material and even books which are due to start appearing shortly.

No, we can't tell you when they are going to show up - well, not yet. But the good news is that we've had to move one of our other sites into this network, so you'll be getting some regular postings shortly.

You may want to subscribe via email or RSS feed today (use those links on the upper right) so you don't miss out on the grand re-opening and the articles which are going to flood out when we do.

For now, just take our thanks for your visiting.

See you soon...
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