Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hey, you've been waiting awhile for an update...

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And Thanks for Waiting Patiently...

It really just means that we've been busy with some needed background jobs (having to do with building up the backend to serve you better - servers, products, mailing lists, that sort of thing...)

Especially in these times, it pays to be sustainable and real in your dealings with the world at large. Governments, their taxes, mindless politicians - all these things tend to put a damper on your creative spirit. Living in rural or suburban areas and learning to flourish and being prepared for anything - that's what we're here to help you with.

We've been looking out for you, even though it's not been apparent. Stashed away are links to a lot of relevant material and even books which are due to start appearing shortly.

No, we can't tell you when they are going to show up - well, not yet. But the good news is that we've had to move one of our other sites into this network, so you'll be getting some regular postings shortly.

You may want to subscribe via email or RSS feed today (use those links on the upper right) so you don't miss out on the grand re-opening and the articles which are going to flood out when we do.

For now, just take our thanks for your visiting.

See you soon...
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